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2023 is the last year I will produce PORTED big bore kits with my own two hands.
I will continue to sell and market my custom pistons and gaskets and manufactured cylinders.
Starting January 1, 2023 you need to call or text for an appointment because I have limited space
in my workshop. No more sending engines without paperwork or a clear ability to pay for the work.
Text or call Eric Gorr for a time estimate and appointment (630) 825-5645

Welding Services

Eric Gorr here. Shawn the welder is the most prolific welder in the sport of motorcycling.
Shawn has welded all of the cylinders and crankcases sent to me since 2008.
In addition to that Shawn was the manager of the welding and boring department at Millennium
and he welded tens of thousands of cylinders since 2000. I'm helping Shawn start a new venture
welding crankcases, covers, heads, and crankshafts.

Shawn the welder is the best kept secret in the motorcycle industry, and now he works for you!

Here is a list of all the things Shawn specializes in, and I set up an order form (coming soon) so you can
direct work to Shawn through my shop address.

  • Typical Engine Damage And Repair Cost Scenarios
    Shawn the welder offers services bundled together with clean and prep, welding, and machining.
    Here are the popular examples. You can always text Shawn a picture of the damage and get a fast quote!
  • Exploded Piston Damage To Cases
    When the piston explodes the framents can become wedged between the crank and cases and bust-out the case.
    Shawn welds and trims and mills the cases flat so they seal well. Starting at $100
  • Derailed Chain
    If the chain derails it can smash the guard and break or groove the cases. Shawn can weld the damage,
    sculpt and polish the weld and re-drill the mounting holes for the guard. Send a new guard for alignment.
    Prices start at $100
  • Stripped Drain Plug
    Often times the drain plug gets stripped from over tightening. Shawn welds up the damage with a wider margin
    so the plugs hole is stronger and resists stripping. Starting at $50
  • Gearbox Damage From Fragged Gears
    When gears break apart they can cause damage to bearing porckets and the outer cases.
    Shawn welds and sculps the damage so it clears the whirling gears. Starting at $50
  • Rock And Collision Damage
    Rocks and logs can destroy cases and covers. Shawn can weld and polish the chips and nicks.
    Another common problem is worn engine mounts. Shawn can weld, surface, and remachine th engine mounting hole.
    Starting at $50
  • Kickstart Backfire Damage
    When a big bike kicks back it can break the lug in the case. Shawn can repair the crankcase and the cover,
    and even relocate and weld the starter lug on Yamaha kickers! Starting at $100
    Shawn also offers compression releases to the cylinder head to help prevent kick back and backfires
  • Custom Compression Release Installation
    Shawn offers a variety of compression release mods for different applications.
    The most common is a KPM decompression button that gets welded and machinind in the original cylinder head.
    The cost is just $125 for air cooled bikes and $150 for watercooled bikes 250-550cc 2-strokes.
    This kit includes bead-blast cleaning, welding, machining, threading, surface facing, and 1 - KPM button.
    Replacement decompression buttons are $30 each.
    Another custom option is a lever operated compression release that is often used as an engine brake
    and is popular in Vintage dirt track and enduro racing. The machining labor starts at $75 for air cooled bikes.
  • Precious Antique Or Discontinued Parts Repair
    If you have a precious antique dirt bike or a discontinued part that is damaged, then Shawn can save that
    expensive part and make it like new. Welding of aluminum, magnesium, and cast iron is possible and based
    on the job description. Shawn has a special program for dealing with museums and large scale collectors.
  • Air-cooled Fin Restoration
    Shawn is an expert at straightening, welding, and reshape grinding of air cooled fins.
    Starting at $50
  • Magnesium Case And Cover Repair
    The magnesium covers used on older 2-stroke dirt bikes can be explosive if not treated carefully.
    Shawn knows all the tricks to repair and refinish these irreplaceable antique parts.
    $Price Based on job quote, text a photo!
  • Crankshaft Corrosion Welding And Machining
    The magneto sides of crankshafts on vintage bikes can suffer severe corrosion and if the
    woodruff key ever breaks and the flywheel gets loose, look-out!
    Shawn welds the cranks with Nicke-Bronze and remachines and polishes the crank so it seals.
    Starting at $100
  • Transmission Shaft Repair
    Vintage bikes use bushings that wear out and discontinued transmission shafts get detroyed from friction.
    Shawn can weld repair the shafts and install bronze bushings inside the gears to save antique parts!
    $Price Based on job quote, text a photo!
  • Frames And Swingarms And Sub-frames
    If you are building a vintage bike or a tribute bike to your favorite racer and you need historical-period
    specific work done to create your masterpiece, then Shawn is the man.
    And if you have normal damage to a frame, swingarm, sub-frame or foot-peg mounts, Shawn can handle that too!
    Shawn has fabricated all sorts of things for vintage roadracer, mxers, and dirt trackers.
  • Expert Cylinder Services
    Shawn cut his teeth on handling the welding and machining of cylinders for the best tuners in the world!
    If you are a tuner and have a company making performance kits, Shawn can help you.
    • Chemical stripping and blasting of Nikasil plated cylinders $50
    • Re-Sleeving for iron-sleeved cylinders $250 plus the sleeve
    • Chemical stripping provided by US Chrome of Wisconsin
    • Head mods with welding and machining $75
    • Bore and hone iron-sleeved cylinders $75
    • Welding and machining $75
    • Decompressors $125-150
    • Big boring $50

CALL OR TEXT SHAWN 1-920-547-0774 For a fast price and time quote